Kodak 菲林盒

14 件


  • 尺寸:148 x 56 x 47(mm)
  • 重量:160(g)
  • 物料:
    • 盒外 - 鋼
    • 盒內 - 塑膠
  • 簡介:

An essential piece to every film lover to preserve and organize film rolls - the portable steel case organizes five rolls of 135mm film and segregates them neatly by an inner case.

Functional - for all film photographers and hobbyists to sort and safeguard film rolls Fashionable - simple design with 6 colorways to suit everyone’s taste Flexible - spark your imagination and make the case a tiny customized toolbox of your own


  • 可放5卷 135菲林
  • 不包括菲林