LAB-BOX 專用蓋 Professional Lid(內置計時器/溫度計)

9 件


LAB-BOX Professional Lid is a special accessory with a built-in Timer and Thermometer. It is a professional alternative to the standard lid.

The Lid has a stainless steel probe which can measure the liquitd temperature inside the tank during the process, to control and check the developing.

Especially useful for procesess like the color negative C-41 which need a special attention to the temperature.






Since the liquid can be poured into the tank even before to roll the film onto the reel, the built-in thermometer can give you the exact temperature of the solution inside the tank before to start the developing time.

The Professional Lid has also an integrated Timer, witht the possibility to save 3 different times which can immediately be setted through the T1, T2, T3 buttons.